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Bottled Butter

bottled-butter-storageSomething we so often run out of and really need, in our food storage cupboard as well, is butter. Well I found a blog post that shows exactly how to bottle butter, really very easy and thought I would share it with you. You need never run out of butter again.

The butter is good for 3 years so make sure that you mark the lids in case you do this often.

When you open the butter you will have to stir the solids back into the liquids. If you used butter with salt, you will find the salt crystals are larger. When you eat the butter, you will be able to feel the salt crystals in your mouth. If you cook with this butter, you will not find any difference. This butter will not go back into a solid when you put it in the refrigerator; it will stay in a creamy state.

Click here for the blog

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