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Storing Garlic and Onions for months

garlic-onions-storageAs the summer months roll to a close for those in the Northern Hemisphere, we start looking at how to store stuff so that we have it last through or very long winter… we have some tips here for you for onions and garlic.

How To Store Your Garlic, Onions And Shallots So They Can Last For Months


  • Make sure onions, garlic etc are firm and blemish free.
  • Use brown lunch paper bags.
  • Hole punch.
  • Paper clips for holding bags closed.

How to make:

Punch the bags. You can do this any way you wish, even randomly all about the upper half of the bags. Typically holes are punched by folding the bag a few times and then punching in a row, spacing the punches an inch or so apart. Another method would be to fold the bag in half lengthwise, punch along one edge, flip the folded bag over and punch along the other edge, approximately 1″ between punches. It by no means needs to be perfect, simply punch holes for ventilation. The result is multiple rows of holes.

Fill the bag up to half full (just below or at first punched holes), fold over the top, label it and paper clip it to hold the top down.”

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